My aging standard poodle had developed troubling problems–difficulty standing and climbing stairs, incontinence, moaning and listlessness. Then Dr. Wyss made a house call and applied the needles. It was like a miracle. The incontinence and moaning stopped, and my dog was able to climb stairs and move around again on her own. Yes, the dog is still old, but she is now functioning and seemingly happy and comfortable. I feel so fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Wyss.

Beverly Walton, Portland



I first started working with Dr. Wyss last summer when I contacted her regarding acupuncture for my 11-year-old border collie. My friends were amazed and impressed that my dog was so receptive and tolerant to the treatment; I was surprised too, and as our visits with Dr. Wyss continued I knew why he maintained a calm demeanor.

Dr. Wyss has a wonderful caring personality and her approach to pet care is gentle and sincere. She regularly checks in on Buster’s health, always eager to hear updates from us and is one of the kindest people I know.

I highly recommend Dr. Isabel Wyss. She has been honest and extremely helpful with suggestions that my pet has greatly benefited from.

Christie Plasmier, Portland



Thank you again for your care and concern for Crystal while we were in Portland. We had no idea her hip had slipped out again, and without the acupuncture, I can’t imagine how much more pain she would have been in. I also know it was the acupuncture that helped her liver recover from the anesthesia, and got her eating what she would at that point. We wish you could make house calls here in Sonoma County! I have attached a couple of pictures of Crystal celebrating her Sweet 16th birthday. I don’t know that she would have made it to this day without your help!

Heather Romano, Sonoma County, CA

Crystal celebrating her 16th birthday!

Crystal celebrating her 16th birthday!