ServiceCost ($)
Acupuncture (including comprehensive exam), inner Portland 90*
Acupuncture treatment series, three-week package250**
Acupuncture treatment series, four-week package  320**
Acupuncture treatment series, five-week package   395**
Additional pet for acupuncture at same time as first pet65
Annual wellness exam  85
Additional pet for wellness exam45
Vaccination (each)30
Microchip administration50
Fecal analysis45
Subcutaneous fluid administration40
Nail trim20-30
Canine Patient Receiving Acupuncture

Canine Patient Receiving Acupuncture

*$15 will be added to the bill of clients living 10-15 miles outside of inner S.E. Portland.
$35 will be added to the bill of clients living 16+ miles outside of inner S.E. Portland.

**Chronic disease conditions such as arthritis often require more than one acupuncture treatment for optimal effect.  Dr. Wyss recommends an initial series of acupuncture treatments once a week for three to five weeks in a row and offers a discount per treatment if a package of three or more treatments is purchased in advance.  These packages apply only to the initial once a week treatment series, and are not valid if not used on consecutive weeks.

For clients living outside of inner S.E. Portland, please consult Dr. Wyss regarding discounted packages and other services.

Cash or check only, please.